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The Liquid Hotplates was born in February 4, 2000, starting as a jazz octet named the Davis Aces. After a flourishing transition to a more contemporary modern style and a thriving need of a new name with wider appeal, the founding members met one evening to deliberate a final name for the group. From the Davis Aces, the group ultimately called itself "The Liquid Hotplates" from MTV's show "Liquid Television" and from the affordable liquid hot plates in which poor college students would often cook ramen.


Now, the Liquid Hotplates is a student-run, co-ed a cappella group that brings people of diverse backgrounds together through a shared passion for making music. Using only our voices, we perform unique and eclectic arrangements--songs from singers like Charlie Puth to mellow artists like Bon Iver to Chance The Rapper. They are  2-time semifinalists the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA), one of the most competitive collegiate a cappella competitions in America. We also love performing for the Davis community and at school events, as well as traveling far and wide to represent Aggie a cappella and meet groups from other schools. No matter what we do,


We put our hearts and souls into our music, and we do it as a family!

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