FALL 2020 AUDITIONS DATE:  October 3rd-16th

TIME:  Last time on October 16th is 11:59pm



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First of all, LHP thanks you for your interest in auditioning to our group!

Fall Auditions are usually held in a joint event with other UCD a cappella groups. Although the process may vary each year, you'll most likely need a 30 sec - 1 min solo of your song choice, including scales and tonal memory exercises.

After auditions, you will be notified if you are invited for our callbacks!


How do I sign up?

All you need to do to Audition in Fall 2020, is you must complete this Google Form: 

What should I sing?

We suggest singing a verse and a chorus of a song that you're comfortable with but also shows off your vocal talent!

What are rehearsals like?

We typically rehearse two times a week, Wednesday (7:30PM-10PM) and Sunday (12-3PM). In addition to this, we add another rehearsal day (Monday 8PM-10PM) during big performances and ICCA season, which usually starts in January, and we may also have sectionals for each part to further strengthen our performance and knowledge of the music. For rehearsal, we expect each member to be punctual, be prepared, and be focused. But of course, we fool around every now and then!

Can I audition for more than one group?

Of course! There is an abundance of a cappella groups in UC Davis! One of our very talented alumni, Christian Baltazar was actually in two other groups! Just make sure there won't be any time conflicts.

  • The Spokes

  • The Lounge Lizards

  • The Afterglow

  • The Cleftomaniacs

  • Davis Chamber Choir

  • The Greek Beats (sorority)

Do I have to be a UCD student to audition?

Because of ICCA rules, yes. But you can definitely be a grad or PhD student!

I'm a vocal percussionist/beatboxer, do I still have to sing?

Yes, we'd still like to hear your voice. But don't worry! We will take into consideration if you primarily beatbox.